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Appointment scheduling

A single app to create personalized scheduling pages for the public to book a meeting with you. You can set availability, location, duration, calendar and more. And, with a unified appointment scheduler, you'll never miss a meeting again.


Best appointment scheduling software to improve team efficiency,
reduce no-shows, and organize all their meetings and calls

Personalized online appointment scheduling page

Personalized scheduling page

Create your online appointment scheduling page e.g. to allow customers easily view your real-time calendar availability and self-schedule appointments.

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Calendar Sync

Connect your Google and Microsoft Calendar to synchronize your availability across time-zones to let customers find the suitable time for online meetings.

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Google calendar and Microsoft calendar synchronization

Accept payments for appointment and services

Accept payments

Connect with your Stripe, PayPal account or use any payment link to receive payments from your invitees.

The amount is directly transferred to your bank by the payment gateway.

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Ratings and Feedback

Send custom rating and feedback request emails to get rating for your team member, product and services after the meeting.

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Rating and feedbacks for meetings

Logo and color customization for appointment scheduling pages

Customizable design

Specify custom color, background, theme and logo to match your brand with the online scheduling page.

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Centralized meetings view for high performing teams

Track your appointments on a single dashboard with search, filters and calendar views to find all your team meetings by employee, location or event to improve meeting productivity for teams.

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Appointment booking system with centralized meetings view

Calendar and Video conferencing

Connect DaySchedule with your calendar, video conferencing services or set custom location for meetings

Google Meet
Google Meet

Automatically add google meeting link on your meetings

Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams

Automatically add Microsoft teams link on your meetings

Zoom video conference meeting

Automatically add Zoom meeting link on your meetings

Webex video conference meeting

Automatically add Webex conference link on your meetings

Goto meeting video conference
Goto Meeting

Add Goto Meeting conference link on your meetings video conference meeting

Automatically add meeting link on your meetings

Phone call meeting
Phone Call

Specify the phone number to call for meeting

Physical address for meeting
In-Person Meeting

Specify the place or address for the meeting

Custom location

Set custom location details, or ask your invitees

Public Roadmap

Be the part of active SaaS community: We love to hear your feedback, ideas, questions and suggestions to add on DaySchedule software. All you have to do is take part in our public roadmap and tell us what we can do better.

DaySchedule Public Roadmap

Integrations & API

Extend your appointment scheduling experience with Zapier, Slack, Webhook and open API specification to integrate with any third-party application in your favourite programming language.

# To query the event availability by date                  

    curl --request POST
    --header 'Content-Type: application/json'
    --data '{
      "resource_id": "YOUR_RESOURCE_ID"
      "date": {
        "start": "2023-01-01",
        "end": "2023-01-31",

    # Return available time slots

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Get your personalized scheduling link to share with your customers to let them schedule meetings without back-and-forth emails.

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