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The free customizable booking templates with appointment management system and API to integrate in any app.

Time slots

You can use the API to generate time slots, check calendar availability, find available slots and book an appointment online for your services.

# Check calendar availability by date
curl --request GET
--header 'Content-Type: application/json'

# Return available time slots
        "date": "2024-07-17",
        "capacity": 4,
        "slots": [
                "time": "2024-07-17T14:00:00+05:30",
                "available": 1,
                "users": [1411]


Send a POST request to create a booking for selected event and time slot by passing the resource_id, start dates etc.

# Check calendar availability by date
curl --request POST
--header 'Content-Type: application/json'
        "name":"John Doe",
        "email":"[email protected]"
        "phone": "+91 9999912345"
# Return the confirmed booking object

Embed to website

  1. Install dayschedule-widget from NPM.
    npm i dayschedule-widget
  2. Generate widget code
  3. Add JavaScript in header
  4. Paste the inline or popup code on your website
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