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Add to Calendar Link Generator for Events

Create Add to Calendar links and event reminder buttons for Google Calendar, Outlook, Microsoft Office 365, Android, Apple and Yahoo Calendars with customized event details, including title, location, description, date and time to download .ics or add events to calendar.

What is Calendar Link?

A calendar link is a specially designed URL for calendar services that allows you to easily share event details with others and enable them to add the event to their calendars. Calendar links can be used for popular calendar services like Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple Calendar, and more.

How to Create an "Add to Calendar" Link?

To create an "Add to Calendar" link, follow these steps:
  1. Enter the event details, including the title, location, description, date and time.
  2. Click on the "Generate event link" button
  3. Copy the calendar link and use the URL in your invitations, emails, or websites, and when someone clicks the link, the event will be automatically added to their calendar.

What is the right Calendar Link format for Google, Outlook, and Apple Calendar?

Create a link in the following format, replacing placeholders with your event details:
  • Google Calendar:
  • Outlook:
  • Apple Calendar (iCal): Create an .ics file containing event details and provide a download link. You can use this tool to generate sample .ics files.

How to Use the Calendar Link on Gmail

Follow these steps to use the calendar link on Gmail:
  1. Create a new email.
  2. Paste the generated calendar link into the email body.
  3. Gmail will automatically recognize the link and format it as an "Add to Calendar" button or link.

How to Download an event.ics File

Follow these steps to download an event.ics file:
  1. Click on the download "event.ics" file to download the .ics file to your computer
  2. You can then import this .ics file into your calendar application of choice (e.g., Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple Calendar) to add the event to your personal calendar.
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