Users Management

If you want to give other members of your team access to your master DaySchedule account, you can invite them to join your account under the role selected.


There are 4 types of roles with different permission for role-based security:

  • Owner: The owner has full access to the one who initially signed up on the DaySchedule website and has full access to the website.
  • Admin: The admin has full access except for billing and account deletion.
  • Manager: The manager only has access to create and update.
  • Viewer: Viewer only has viewing access.

Invite User

  1. Go to Users Menu
  2. Click on New User button
  3. Enter user details like, name, email, role, and status
  4. Enter the value in the required field. Then, click the Save button to create a new user
  5. An email invitation will be sent to the selected user to join your account under the selected role (User can set their own password while joining)

Update User

  1. Go to Users Menu
  2. Click on the user name you want to edit
  3. The user editor form will open
  4. Make changes and then click on the Save button to update yours (Remember - Email address is not editable)

Delete User

  1. Go to the Users menu
  2. Click on the checkbox to select the users you want to remove
  3. After making the selection, click on the Delete button to delete the selected users

4. A confirmation dialog will appear before deleting the selected users…Simply, click on Confirm to proceed.

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