DaySchedule makes it easy to schedule meetings with prospects and clients by enabling them to select the date and time on your calendar that works best for them.

All that is done by creating simple events that integrate with your calendar to help recipients find your scheduled times, location on a personalized event link to see the availability and book that event on the best event booking system online.

Create an Event

  • Go to the Events Menu
  • Click on Add button and select New Event

Event Types

Event Types allow you to create Events for different kinds of meetings like One to One meetings or Group meetings etc… DaySchedule provides 3 different Event types:

  • Group - This event option allows you to create an event that allows multiple invitees to book an event and meet at the same time
  • One-to-One - The One-to-One (1:1) event allows you to create an event that allows just one person to book an event for a particular time slot
  • Round Robin - The Round-Robin event option allows, each member of the selected team to host the event once before anyone may get the second meeting in the cycle.


Event Location option allows you to specify a custom location for your event to sync the event booking with your calendar.

You can set the physical location, Web Conference(Google meeting, Microsoft meet, Zoom, GoToMeeting, etc), Phone Number, or ask your invitee to set the location for the meeting.

Dates and Duration

The Dates Option allows you to add a date range for your event i.e. when the meetings can be accepted in the future for this online event.

And set the duration to configure how long the meeting will run.

We have four different options for adding dates:

  • Calendar days into the future
    You can add several days starting from today into the future. It includes Saturday and Sunday too to set maximum days in your appointment booking calendar

  • Business days into the future
    The business days mean it will not count weekends (Saturday and Sunday). For example,
    If you set 60 business days - DaySchedule Appointment Booking plugin will calculate 60 days in future excluding weekends.

  • Within a date ranges
    You can manually add the date range for the event to configure the start and end date for appointment acceptance. No booking appointment will be accepted after the end date.

  • Any days into the Future
    This can add infinite days into the future

For adding Duration we have two different options:

  • One is to select one of the given options from the radio box,
  • And, the other is manually enter the duration in ‘minutes’ in the given input box.


The schedule feature allows you to select your default schedule or create new to specify your availability for a particular event.

  • For example, I have selected my default schedule for this event.


The Buffer option allows you to add a time gap between two meetings for a break, coffee, etc. These breaks can help the host to get some time before or after the meeting to prepare, wrap up, etc. It also helps in case any meeting continues even after its scheduled end time then it will not affect your upcoming meetings.

The DaySchedule event booking application allows you to add buffer time before and after the meeting.

Private Event

By default, all events are public and will be visible on your personal scheduling link. Check the Make this a private event option to hide an event from your main scheduling page.

Remember, making an event private means anyone having this event link still can book this event. So, you can share the event link with the person you want and only those invitees with the link can book this event with you.

To make an Event Private

  • Check the check box next to Make this a private event

Invitee Questions and Allow Guests

The invitee question option is a good way to collect information about the invitee in a simple way when scheduling an event for example, the Name and Email address of the invitees by default.

Or you may add custom questions like business name, or phone number of invitees.

To Add Questions

  • Enter the question you want to ask in the Question text box
  • Select the Answer type, and if it is a multiple choice questions then add the options.

If you want your invitees to allow guests, enable the Guests allowed option to let invitee add up to 10 guests.

allow guest for event


This confirmation option allows you to add an external website link on the default DaySchedule confirmation page or you can redirect invitee to an external website or on your own custom thank you page after the booking for an event is confirmed.

DaySchedule gives you 3 confirmation options:

  1. Default - This will show the default DaySchedule confirmation page after the booking for an event is confirmed

  2. Link - User with the pro account use this option to add an external website link on the DaySchedule confirmation page

  3. Redirect - User with the enterprise account use this option to redirect to an external website with or without booking data


This option allows you to collect ratings and feedback from invitees. The Enterprise plan customers enable the feedback option which automatically sends feedback emails to the invitee after the meeting.

Enable Feedback

  • Switch on the Feedback button

Add Internal Note and Publish

This Internal Note option allows you to add details about the event which you want to share only with your team members but not with the public or invitees.

Internal Note


You can also hide or show the event on your main scheduling page by using the publish this event option. This option will help you to create the event as a draft and then publish it when you are ready to accept online booking for your event.

To Publish an Event

  • Switch on the Publish this event button

So, You can see an event_link created successfully. Now, You can share this link with your invitees or add this link on your website, email signature and blog etc…

Edit an Event

  1. To edit an event, click on the Action button given on the Event. Then, click on the Edit this Event.

  1. Select the field which needs to be updated.
  2. Then, click on the Save button and you will see the message like Event updated successfully.

Delete an Event

  1. To delete an event, click on the Action button given on the Event.

  1. Then, click on Delete this Event option.
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