DaySchedule use Connections to connect with your calendar and web conference providers to show availability, to add meeting on your calendar, to create web conference link to join meeting, and also includes all that details in invite emails.

There are 7 types of connection available in DaySchedule.

  1. Google Calendar/Meet - Calendar and conferencing
  2. Microsoft Teams - Conferencing only
  3. Office 365 Calendar - Calendar only
  4. Zoom - Conference only
  5. Cisco Webex - Conference only
  6. Goto Meeting - Conference only
  7. - Conference only

Add Connection

  1. Go to Connections Menu

  2. Click on Add Connection

  3. Redirected to a page where you can give input to connection name, status, and provider

  4. Enter values in the required field. Then, click on the Save button to create a new connection

  5. Based on the selection of Provider it will redirect to their respective login page

Update Connection

  1. Go to Connections Menu

  2. Click on any one of the connection names that you want to update

  3. Redirected to the page where you can do changes

  4. Make changes and click on the Save button to update your Connection details

Delete Connection

  1. Go to Connections Menu

  2. Select the rows that you want to delete, single or multiples

  3. After selecting the rows click on Delete button to delete the selected Connections

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