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Here you can track all the changes made on DaySchedule App, Scheduling pages, API and extension. You may signup to get the latest news in your inbox, every month or watch this page for the list of changes.

Custom permissions and roles

With the launch of our custom permission feature, you can create custom permissions in just a few clicks. Its customizable rules allow you to customize the permissions and team data access to fit the exact needs of your organization.

Using custom permissions, you can assign different levels of access to users depending on their role within your team to specify which feature should be accessible to whom.

Multi Language Support

Introducing multi language support on appointment scheduling with 20+ languages globally to improve your calendar scheduling experience in local languages.

Starting today, you can specify the language option while creating/updating an event to configure the base language for your event to display your appointment calendar in selected language by default.

Alternatively, the clients also have an option to see calendars in different languages using the drop-down available on calendar footer.

Improved Zoom synchronization

We’ve improved the Zoom integration to better synchronize the meeting details with Zoom. So starting today, if you you have your event location as Zoom - The following changes will be applicable:

  • On scheduled - Meeting will be added on Zoom
  • On reschedule - Meeting date time will be updated on Zoom
  • On cancellation - Meeting will be deleted from Zoom

New WhatsApp templates

We’ve uploaded 10 more pre-approved WhatsApp templates to use for automatic appointment reminders, follow-ups and booking confirmation.

Improved Booking UI

We’ve improved the booking page UI with color coding and badges to display upcoming events with red, yellow badges and human readable time format.

This will make it easier for customers to find upcoming meetings and events on DaySchedule.

Audit Logs

Introducing audit logs and centralized user activity for teams to improve the security and compliance for any large enterprise. The logs are designed to control and monitor the access of information within the organization.

For example -

  • Find who has created, updated or deleted a resource in your team.
  • Connection related warnings and errors.
  • New booking received, confirmation etc.

Audit logs are crucial for tracking changes and security-relevant events for Enterprises and also help in debugging and troubleshooting account specific issues.

Skip payments for paid events [Admin only]

We’ve improved the admin booking panel to skip payments (for paid events) when a booking is created from the admin panel.

Starting today, if you create a new booking from the admin panel. The payment flow will be skipped and the booking will be auto-confirmed to send confirmation email to host and invitees.

If you have received the payment on cash/counter, you can edit the invitee later to enter payment details for accurate payment reports.

Reports and dashboard

We’ve added the live reports and dashboard feature for group bookings and webinars to visualize your bookings and sales(for paid events) to keep track of revenue.

The ticket sales dashboards provide event managers with key insights into all important aspects of ticket sales revenues, including:

  • Number of ticket sold
  • Total revenue, status, date of booking.
  • Tracking information like devices(mobile, desktop or tablet) and more.

Better attendees management

We’ve improved the bookings page to manage events attendees easily, using the attendees management system under bookings you can -

  • Add, Update and Delete attendees directly from your admin panel
  • Report no shows
  • Assign meetings to someone else in your team
  • Download attendees list in CSV
  • And much more…

User specific location in round-robin events

We’ve added a new feature to allow user-specific location on round-robin events. For example, you have 2 team members in your round robin team scheduling page and one user should host the meetings on Zoom and the other user wants to meet on Google meet.

Now, you can select corresponding locations in round-robin event types to customize where the meeting should happen for whom to specify the same or different location for each user.

Custom date time formats

We’ve added a new feature to specify custom date time format options on events and webinars. Starting today, you can use this option on event settings to select a date and time format as per your country to personalize your appointment scheduling pages and display date and times in regional formats.

For example, If I set the HH:mm a option in time format to display my appointment timings slots in a 24 hour clock.

DaySchedule 2.0 - Released

We are going to release the biggest upgrade or DaySchedule this week, here is the sneak peek to learn what’s coming on DaySchedule 2.0.

New Webinar Software

We are releasing webinars software on DaySchedule to host and promote webinars easily. With DaySchedule webinars, you can easily create, schedule, host and share your online webinars, training sessions and more group meetings with all the location options like Zoom, Google meet etc.

Multiple Locations

You may select multiple locations on your event to let customers choose if they want to meet you on Zoom, Google meet or some offline locations specified in event.

Shipped: Feature suggestion #14 :rocket:

Bookings redesigned :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The bookings view has been redesigned to display calendar and list together for better visibility and mobile responsiveness.

Multiple pricing options and payment gateways :dollar:

Now, you can add multiple pricing options and payment gateways to let your customer choose the right plan to pay for your appointment or services before scheduling an appointment.

On event setup

  • Select multiple payment gateway
  • Add multiple pricing options

On scheduling page :spiral_calendar:

  • Customers must select a payment gateway and pricing option to pay and confirm the appointment.

Reusable workflow

The workflow feature has been improved to select all/or multi-select resources (events, webinars etc.) to trigger actions instead creating separate workflow for each of your events.

Shipped: Feature suggestion #41 :rocket:

Reusable workflow for appointment reminders

Breaking changes in API

The /events API has been deprecated in favor of /resources.

So, if you were using the DaySchedule API to create, update or delete events? Please update your code to new /resources API and event schema.

Multiple connections management

The connection page has been improved to manage multiple connections for each type. For example, if you have 2 google calendar and want to connect both.

The re-designed view now has the connect button on top, to add as many connections allowed in your plan for same or different types.

Meeting reminders on Slack

The Slack integration is live now to send the appointment notification on your selected channel. For example, if you are using Slack for your internal team communication. You can connect it with DaySchedule to receive new meetings notification, reminders directly on your Slack channel for selected events, trigger and action via Workflow feature.

File uploader

We’ve added the new file type option in invitee questions to allow you to add an uploader dynamically to accept file upload as attachments.

For example, if you are using DaySchedule for interview scheduling, you may add a file type question in your registration form to ask the interviewing candidates to upload their resume while scheduling an online interview.

Automatic country code detection

We’ve improved the appointment scheduling pages to auto-detect the visitor’s country and set the dial code automatically for the phone number field while scheduling an appointment.

For example -

  • If a visitor open the scheduling page in India will see +91 selected by default
  • The United states visitors will see +1 selected by default
  • and so on for other countries

Rich text editor for event description

We’ve added the WYSIWYG HTML editor to format the event description with bold, italic, hyperlinks etc. to make it more readable and formatting as per your business need.

So, starting today - you can use the rich editor in Events to create semantic content to show unique features of your event.

Google Analytics 4

We’ve updated the scheduling pages to use new GA4 properties for analytics and track your visitors, enabling remarketing ads to get more bookings for your event or services.

Just add your google analytics ID and start seeing real-time reports for your visitor and conversion tracking

WhatsApp notifications and reminder

We’ve got WhatsApp approval to send meeting reminder, appointment notifications on WhatsApp. Starting today, you can use our pre-approved templates available on Workflows to send the meeting reminders on WhatsApp automatically.

Clone events

We’ve added the clone event feature to quickly create a copy of an event with new name, description etc.

So, now you can make a copy of your existing events . To copy an event : Events page > Click on Action button > Then click on Clone this Event

Clone events

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