How to use dynamic variables on email templates?

DaySchedule workflow email templates can be customized with dynamic email contents to send better meeting reminders and personalized email follow-ups automatically.

You can insert the following variables dynamically when creating an email template to auto send when an event is booked. These variable must be enclosed with curly braces e.g. {{variable}}

How to use variables

  • Go to workflow and select email trigger
  • Click on any of the given template to customize


Here is the list of variables -

Note: We use popular handlebars library to merge parameters, so all the handlebars functionality will work e.g. if/else, loop, index based variable etc. So let’s say you want to use an attendee answer on your email template from the invitee.questions array. Just use the 0 based index in this format {{invitee.questions.2.value}} to merge answers on your email automatically.

Variable Example value
booking.org_id 121
booking.source dayschedule
booking.resource.resource_id xxxxx
booking.resource.type event
booking.resource.event_type one_on_one Product demo
booking.resource.slug /product-demo
booking.resource.description Welcome to my event page 123 Vikash Rathee +91xxxxxxx Asia/Kolkata
booking.subject Booking confirmed: Product demo - October, 01 2022 4:00 pm (GMT +05:30)
booking.start_at 2022-10-01T10:30:00.000Z
booking.end_at 2022-10-01T11:20:00.000Z
booking.time_zone Asia/Kolkata
booking.status confirmed
booking.color #006b75 Zoom
booking.location.type zoom
booking.location.remarks Web conference using Zoom
booking.location.join_url Error - Zoom
booking.calendars.0.type google xxx
booking.created_at 2022-09-30T03:02:52.678Z
booking.updated_at 2022-09-30T03:02:52.678Z
booking.booking_id xxxx
booking._id xxxx
booking.description Welcome to my event page
invitee.booking_id 63365c5cbeb0603503e1fad7
invitee.org_id 121 Tester
invitee.status confirmed
invitee.time_zone Asia/Calcutta
invitee.token XXXXX
invitee.questions.0.type text name
invitee.questions.0.label Name
invitee.questions.0.value Tester
invitee.questions.1.type email email
invitee.questions.1.label Email address
invitee.questions.2.type tel question8
invitee.questions.2.label Mobile phone
invitee.questions.2.value +91 9xxxxxxxx
invitee.questions.3.type text question5
invitee.questions.3.label Your State?
invitee.questions.3.value Maharashtra
invitee.questions.4.type radio question4
invitee.questions.4.label Fresher
invitee.questions.4.value No
invitee.payment.amount 479
invitee.payment.currency INR
invitee.payment.gateway Razorpay {“account”:“acc_Er6bd9OANNyYtj”}
invitee.payment.reference_id order_KNxLxqzfBJoEjF
invitee.created_at 2022-09-30T03:02:52.686Z
invitee.updated_at 2022-09-30T03:03:48.069Z
invitee.invitee_id 63365c5cbeb0603503e1fad9
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