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DaySchedule vs. Luma

A better alternative to Luma

For businesses requiring reliable appointment scheduling software solution with high performance, security, premium support, and guaranteed uptime with SLA.

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Here's why customers switch from Luma to DaySchedule

Learn why DaySchedule is the best Luma alternative for your business to switch on a better calendar and appointment scheduling software

Features Luma DaySchedule
Pricing starts from $69/m $5/m
Free Forever plan
Zoom integration
Google Calendar integration
Google Meet integration
One on one scheduling
Event and group scheduling
Unlimited appointments
Unlimited scheduling pages
Automatic reminders and booking notifications
Automatic time zone adjustment
Custom questions fields
Custom design & branding
Offer multiple duration lengths for each link
Supports Spanish, French, Portuguese, Dutch, ...
Embeddable directly to website
Real-time calendar availability
Chrome extension
Redirect invitee to website upon booking
Fully optimized for all devices
Looks great to customers
24/7 online support
API access
Videos tutorials
Payment integration

Disclaimer: The information on this Luma alternative page is based on independent user reviews and experiences. The software features are dynamic and may change over time. Your choice should be based on your specific needs and we encourage independent verification, or direct contact with Luma for accurate details.

Last updated on 10/18/2023

The best appointment scheduling tool to improve your productivity and make scheduling easy

How is the DaySchedule price compared to Luma?

DaySchedule pricing plan starts from $5 USD per month, whereas Luma pricing starts from $69 USD per month.

If you are using Luma for 10 users in your team, you will end-up paying ($69 per month * 12 months * 10 users) = $8280.00 per year.

Whereas, on DaySchedule you can get the 10 users license at ($5 per month * 12 months * 10 users) = $600 per year.

Total saving of $7680.00 annually for 10 users, which is around 92.75 %

Is there a free alternative to Luma?

Yes, DaySchedule offers a Free-forever plan with 1 calendar and single scheduling page.

And the paid plans start from just $5 per month to upgrade for advanced features.

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