How to host a roundtable event for investors?

A roundtable discussion is a type of discussion where investors can facilitate and support their founders, work group, or community. Roundtables are typically short meetings where you gather around a table, but they can also be virtual (online).

The structure of a roundtable includes activities that help participants to arrive at decisions collaboratively.

Investors roundtable is ideal for organizations or individuals who need to make crucial decisions and want to engage in upcoming social investments, such as the growing importance of the impact investing industry. A virtual roundtable is a great way to hear the ideas and opinions of others in a convenient format. In addition, roundtable discussions give excellent knowledge and make one aware of social trends.

Roundtable event

To create a round table event, you must first signup or login to your DaySchedule account and choose the webinar option to create a registration page with your logo, agenda, speakers and number of seats to specify event details to give a clear understanding to your audiences for registrations.

You can specify the event location by clicking on a custom location to enter the venue address, city etc. Or select the conference options(Zoom, Google meet etc.) if it’s an online (virtual) event.

The maximum spots option allow us to specify the maximum number of registration allowed in the roundtable event to control how many seats

Roundtable time and duration

Specify the roundtable event duration and date range for the investor’s open discussion. The DaySchedule app allows you to select whether the event will take place On a specific date or recurring by selecting Every particular day of the week.

You can add multiple dates by using the ‘Add’ button in the date range if the roundtable event is going to be more than one day.

The scheduling is really important to keep track of every speaker’s time to maintain everyone on schedule. Choose the duration by keeping in mind that every investor gets an equal opportunity to put their point of view and speak with founder and startup teams on the table.

Some companies choose to create multiple events/pages as well to give more options to their participants to choose and book roundtables with particular groups or investors. As the roundtable discussion with the right group is essential in order to solicit feedback and answers from a predetermined set of questions.

A typical roundtable meeting can include between 8-10 participants, but other numbers are possible depending on the needs of your team or organization.

Dynamic registration form

Use the dynamic registration form to collect information from the participants. For example their name, email address, phone number, startup stage, funding requirement etc.

You can easily add questions dynamically using the Add button under Invitee questions and the participants must fill the required question to confirm their booking for the roundtable event.

Publish and share

Once the roundtable event is created, you can copy the URL to share via email, WhatsApp, QR Code, etc. or embed on your website to let your website visitors book the event.

Roundtable participate registration

The participants can view the page on mobile, desktop or tablet to review date time, seats left and generate details about the roundtable event.

The roundtable event landing page is fully responsive and works perfectly on all devices -

The participants can just fill the form to confirm their booking with email confirmation sent automatically with relevant details.