How to limit the number of appointments booked daily?

Managing a flood of appointments can overwhelm businesses and service providers. So using the daily appointment limit feature you can control how many hours you want to give to a particular event, session or classes.

Imagine you run an EdTech platform that offers personalized classes to students. Each tutor typically dedicates 2-4 hours per day to accommodate student sessions effectively. However, without a cap on daily appointments, tutors might find themselves overwhelmed, leading to subpar teaching quality and student dissatisfaction while still increasing your per hour costs.

To address this, the DaySchedule appointment booking platform allows you to specify their daily limit in schedule. For instance, a tutor might set their working hours to 9am to 5pm, but the daily limit to maximum 3 hours, ensuring they have ample time for preparation, feedback, and rest between sessions.

Follow these steps to specify the daily limit -

  • Go to settings
  • Click on my availability
  • Add the daily limit and save

Note: The daily limit are in minutes, so I entered 180 minutes (equal to 3 hours)

That way your slots will be visible as normal, but as soon as 3 bookings of 1 hour, or 6 bookings of 30 minutes are booked. That date will be disabled automatically as per daily limit.

So, coming back to the same EdTech example - Let’s say a tutor sets their daily limit to 3 hours. Once the 3 hours of tutoring appointments are booked for a particular day, the appointment booking system automatically blocks further bookings for that day.

This ensures that the teacher can maintain high-quality interactions with students without feeling stretched.