How to rearrange your events on the appointment page?

When it comes to managing appointments and events, the arrangement order on your appointment page plays a crucial role in facilitating smooth user experiences and increased appointment bookings

The order of events significantly impacts user interaction and engagement. For example, if you are hosting an in-time webinar, wouldn’t it be better if it displayed on top of your appointment’s page instead somewhere in mid or bottom?

Using the new rearrange feature in DaySchedule, you can arrange your event in particular order or where you want using the drag-and-drop.

  1. Go to Resources page
  2. Click on Rearrange and Sort option

  1. A modal window will open, where you can drag-and-drop the events to specify the ranking you’d like to display.

4. Click on apply changes to save the changes.

Once done, all your events will be ranked as per specified order.

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