How to specify custom durations on appointment scheduling page?

The custom duration option allows you to specify multiple time durations like 15 minute, 30 minutes, 1 hour etc. to let your customers select a duration and book an appointment.

It will allow your clients to choose the length of their appointment that best fits their needs. For example, if a user only needs a quick 15-minute consultation, they can choose that option rather than having to schedule a longer appointment that they may not need.

Using the multiple duration options in round-robin events can help to increase team efficiency and productivity. By offering a range of appointment lengths, clients can choose the option that best fits their needs, allowing the provider to schedule more appointments in a given day.

Add/remove durations

You can add as many custom durations as you want for your event or services. Follow the steps below to add/remove a duration option from your appointment page -

  • Go to you resources page
  • Click on the event name to edit
  • Go to schedule tab and find duration option on top
  • Enter the time and click on the add button to add

It will display like a tag, and you can click on x to remove the duration options.

Time based pricing

You can also specify time based pricing for paid events to charge customers based on the time duration selected on the appointment page.

We recommend multiple duration options, by giving clients the option to choose a shorter appointment, providers may be able to reduce the likelihood of cancellations and no-shows, as the time commitment is smaller.