How to use video interview software to schedule interviews?

Scheduling interviews is one of the most time consuming tasks for HR and Recruitment professionals. DaySchedule makes it easier and less stressful to set up interviews with candidates by automating the scheduling process.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a hiring manager, recruiter, or hiring for your own small business startup. The DaySchedule app allows you to create your interview scheduling page to share with applicants, or add to your website so that candidates can self-schedule interviews to boost the hiring process.

It helps to increase productivity through automated scheduling functionality, automatic reminders and recurring events to simplify the candidate experience integrated with video interview software like Zoom, Google meet or Microsoft Teams.

Creating Interview Page

Calendar and scheduling

Once you are done with creating your interview scheduling page. You can share your virtual interview software link with candidates to schedule the interviews in just a few clicks, with no technical skills needed!

Either you can copy the URL and send it to your candidates manually or share it through Email, WhatsApp, QR Code, or embed it to your website.

The candidates are required to select a date and time to book a time slot for the interview by completing the registration form we’ve created in the previous setup.

Interview Management System

Go to the bookings page to find all the scheduled interviews and candidates details (name, email, resume etc.)

DaySchedule offers an excellent tool for any kind of interview, whether you’re having 2 interviews or screening 100 candidates, using the interview management system you can -

  • Download scheduled interviews
  • Report no shows
  • Assign interview to someone else in your team
  • Cancel or reschedule interview
  • Join the video interview
  • Download reports