How to pre-populate invitee information on scheduling page?

Efficiency and personalization are key elements in any appointment booking software. One significant advancement in DaySchedule is the ability to pre-populate the invitee information on scheduling pages using URL query parameters.

This feature can improve the user experience by auto-filling the appointment form directly from a link embed on your website or passing the query parameters from JotForm, Google form etc.

Example link[email protected]

The URL example provided above demonstrates how to add URL parameters to pre-fill invitee information on a scheduling page.

  • name=John represents the invitee’s name as “John”.
  • [email protected] indicates the invitee’s email address.

By utilizing this key=value technique, multiple parameters (such as name, email, company, phone) can be added to the URL, allowing the appointment scheduling page to populate various fields accordingly.

For example, to add company name and phone number parameters:

  • company=Amazon%20Inc demonstrates the invitee’s company as “Amazon Inc.” The “%20” is a URL-encoded space.
  • phone=9999988888 includes the invitee’s phone number.

This method allows for a smoother and more personalized user experience, as invitees won’t need to manually enter their details, reducing the effort required to schedule appointments or demos. It streamlines the process and ensures accuracy in capturing required information.