Zapier Integration

Zapier is a wonderful integration tool that lets you connect 1000+ apps to automate many workflows between apps. This tutorial explains how to send DaySchedule booking data to Zapier when a new event is booked.

With this integration, you can connect DaySchedule with 1000+ apps!

Make a Zap

  1. First, Go to Zapier website and sign up or log into your account. Then click on the Make a Zap! button.
  2. Select the Webhooks option. And you can also give it a name or Zapier will automatically name it like: “hook A”, “hook B”.
  3. Select the 2nd option, called catch hook. The catch hook(or webhook) is like a data receiver and can read any data sent via an HTTP POST method in the request body.
  4. Click on the button Save + Continue.
  5. Once you hit the save button, Zapier will create a custom webhook URL for your zap. Copy this URL to use in DaySchedule.

Setup Integration

  1. Go to Integrations Menu
  2. Click on the New Integration button
  3. Click on the Add Integration button on the Zapier card
  4. Enter the details like event, zapier_url, name etc
  5. Then, click on the Save button to create a new connection
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